Here at Fairmont, we’re delighted to announce that we’re expanding our office space and taking on new staff – all to grow our thriving recruitment business.

Our current office is based on the third floor of 53-55 Moseley Street, right in the heart of Manchester city centre. But we’ve now signed a new 10-year lease with our landlord Bluefig Investments to take over the whole of the second floor of the building too. This’ll mean lots of extra space, a leap from 2,200 sq ft all the way up to 4,300 sq ft.

And with our new expanded office, we’re also looking to grow our specialist recruitment team. We currently have 13 fantastic team members, but will have space for up to 50 in our new and improved workspace.

Here’s our CEO Jack Donohue talking about our exciting growth plans:

“It’s all about expansion. We don’t want to be a reactive business. We want to be proactive in everything that we do.

“I look at my plans for where we want to be as a business and we probably hire people three months before we need to hire because we want to get them embedded into Fairmont and our culture.”

“We take the same approach to our offices. We currently employ 13 people but have the space to grow to 50 and that’s the aim.

“We want to provide opportunities in Manchester. We’ve got a great culture at Fairmont Recruitment. We like to think people want to work here and we want to help people further their careers.”

Why join the Fairmont team?

If you’re based in Manchester or the North West and are looking for your next opportunity in recruitment, we’d love to hear from you.

We’ve worked hard to build up a reputation in excellence for what we do, as well as when it comes to rewarding and valuing our staff.

Work-life balance is at the heart of our ethos, which is why we offer a four-day working week. Our team thrives when they’re in the office working alongside each other, and we’ve created the very best space for their talent to shine.

Our facility-packed workspace also offers plenty of opportunities to take a break, and to socialise and collaborate with colleagues. Plus, flexible spaces for both casual and more formal meetings with clients.

Here’s CEO Jack again to explain more:

“We offer a four-day working week at Fairmont so we want people to be in the office for those four days,”

“That’s why we went above and beyond for our office. We have an outdoor terrace, big screens, pool table, chill-out area and collaboration space.

“We’ve already hosted a number of events on the second floor and we’ll mainly use that space for business development. The third floor will be used for sales delivery.”

Interested in joining the Fairmont Recruitment team? Please get in touch to find out more by calling 0161 806 2071 or emailing

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