The Mastercard has recently announced that it will be welcoming a host of new crypto and blockchain startups to its hugely successful Mastercard Start Path programme.

The six-month accelerator scheme is designed to give new companies a kickstart, helping them to attract funding and stimulate growth. It was launched back in 2014, and has since helped over 350 businesses from 40 countries to attract an incredible $3.5 billion in new funding. 

Of the 1,500+ applications Mastercard receives every year for Start Path, 7 of this year’s successful applicants are fintech or blockchain related. They come from a total of five different countries too, demonstrating the global reach of the programme.

Successful applicants from the US include:

  • Loot Bolt – a Web3 social payments company, which empowers organisations to build, grow and scale passionate communities
  • Uptop – which utilises blockchain technology to enable brands to personalise the consumer experience
  • Quadrata – a crypto privacy and compliance specialist, which uses Sybil-resistant technology to bring identity, accountability and compliance to public blockchains.

Other crypto and blockchain startups joining the scheme include Colombia, Abu Dhabi, Singapore and Dubai.

From Singapore, there’s crypto payments platform Digital Treasures Center, while based in Abu Dhabi is crypto gateway provider Fasset. Colombia’s stable-coin specialist firm Stable and Dubai’s blockchain-based media fintech firm TBTM have also been added to the accelerator programme.

Now that they’ve been accepted onto Start Path, the lucky startups will join Mastercard’s extensive fintech network. There, they’ll be introduced to a number of what are described as “growth-essential opportunities”. This includes mentoring, collaboration, funding and working within the Mastercard network to jump start blockchain, fintech and Web3 innovation.

Mastercard aims to “catalyse innovation in the crypto space”

With its leading accelerator programme, the world’s second-largest payment processor has clearly seen the potential of investing in crypto, blockchain and fintech. And as its scheme was launched over eight years ago, Mastercard was ahead of the curve when it came to predicting the meteoric growth of the sector.

Explaining its vision for a fintech-focused future and its role in championing innovation, Mastercard said:

“We provide an express lane for Web3 and crypto startups to grow and an ecosystem for them to thrive.

“Through the Mastercard Start Path global startup engagement program, we work with digital asset, blockchain and cryptocurrency-based companies that share a vision to make blockchain technology and digital assets more accessible. These companies are making strides to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3 and meet consumers where they are today. We’re welcoming a new cohort of startups to ease access to digital assets, build communities for creators and empower people to innovate for the future through Web3 technologies.”

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