The Covid-19 pandemic flung the doors of remote working wide open, and they’re unlikely to be closed again any time soon.  

With many sectors including tech facing urgent skills shortages over the last year or so, the opportunity to recruit from all over the world has huge appeal for employers. And for tech professionals with the right skills, it means the chance to take on lucrative projects in other countries. This could also mean higher pay, depending on where your employer is based.  

So, which countries offer the highest pay for remote and cloud tech roles? Business Leader has put together an updated list for 2022, using data from cloud training firm Revolent. So, let’s take a look at the top 10: 

  • Switzerland 

Average annual salary = $133,326 (£116,830) 

  • US 

Average annual salary = $114,772 (£100,571) 

  • Australia 

Average annual salary = $102,423 (£89,750) 

  • Canada 

Average annual salary = $89,475 (£78,404) 

  • UK 

Average annual salary = $77,076 (£67,539) 

  • Ireland 

Average annual salary = $75,547 (£66,199) 

  • Singapore 

Average annual salary = $71,351 (£62,523) 

  • Germany 

Average annual salary = $69,392 (£60,806) 

  • Japan 

Average annual salary = $65,888 (£57,736) 

  • France 

Average annual salary = $47,645 (£41,750) 

As you can see, the UK and Ireland enjoy healthy positions in the middle of the tech salary league table for 2022. France just sneaks in at number 10, but other European nations such as the Netherlands, Belgium (both on approx. £40,357) and Spain (£36,878) don’t quite make the cut.  

Italy was found to be by far the lowest payer when it comes to rewarding tech skills, with an average annual salary of just £28,087.   

What about tech roles?  

The Business Leader research also looked at which specific remote roles are most in demand across the highest paying countries. Here’s a quick look at some of the highest paying cloud tech jobs across the 14 countries surveyed: 

  1. Technical Consultant  
  2. Salesforce Solution Architect 
  3. Program Manager 
  4. Pre-Sales Consultant 
  5. MuleSoft Developer/Engineer 
  6. Business Analyst 
  7. Account Manager/Executive 
  8. Trainer 
  9. Marketing Automation Consultant 
  10. Sales Director. 

Those at the top of the list are commanding salaries of around $161,000 (£141,080).  

However, salaries near the bottom of the list are still pretty healthy, with Marketing Automation Consultants commanding average annual pay of $104,938 (£91,954) and Sales Directors $102,188 (£89,544).  

The president of the UK-based Revolent Group, Nabila Salem, offered a few words on how its research could be used by job hunters and in-role tech professionals:  

“Following the available data, cloud tech professionals in employment, and those seeking new opportunities, now have a benchmark for evaluating their market worth.  

“Meaning they can be better informed to re-negotiate their salaries to reflect global market value, or their rates.” 

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