If you’re interested in a career in cryptocurrency, you’ve picked the perfect time. This relatively new industry is growing rapidly, with the market expected to be worth a huge $4.94 billion by 2030  alone. This is a huge leap from the $1.49 billion it was valued at in 2020.  

Demand for crypto talent is also soaring, with research from Bitcoin.com in 2021 finding a total of 10,000+ open vacancies for ‘bitcoin’ and ‘blockchain’ roles across job sites like Monster and Indeed.  

To attract the best people and keep up with rapid growth, companies are waging a war for talent.

For candidates, this can mean higher salaries and better benefits. Because of this, people are starting to leave the traditional banking sector for careers in digital finance, including jobs in blockchain, crypto and NFTs.  

What qualifications do you need to land a crypto role?  

Some crypto employers do prioritise qualifications, but not all. If you have solid self-taught skills and a proven track record, you could be perfect for an innovative startup wanting to think outside the box.  

It also depends on the role. Let’s run through a few of the most in-demand roles within the industry, and the qualifications it can be useful/essential to have for each: 

  • Data scientist – master’s degree in data or computer science 
  • Business development representative – degree in business, communications or finance 
  • Machine learning engineer –master’s degree/PhD in computer science 
  • Research analyst – degree in market research or related field 
  • Security architect – degree in IT or web development.  

What about experience?  

The industry is pretty new, so there’s not been enough time for aspiring crypto professionals to get 5-10 years of solid experience under their belts.  

This is why many people make a sideways move into the sector. Most come from banking and finance, along with other tech industries. One thing that will always be an advantage will be financial trading experience of some kind.   

Must-have skills for crypto careers 

Hard tech skills are crucial for most cryptocurrency roles, although there are of course non-technical areas you can move into.  

Employers tend to be looking for people who can code, so it’s a good idea to brush up on coding languages including Python, C/C++, SQL and Java.   

Other sought-after skills include: 

  • Web development and UX design 
  • Data science and analysis 
  • AI and machine learning 
  • Smart contract development 
  • Legal and compliance 
  • Cryptography and security 
  • Financial analysis  

However, just as important as technical ability for many fintech organisations are soft skills. These are prized because they are hard to learn, unlike tech skills. You either have them or you don’t. Key examples include communication, problem-solving and creativity, along with project management and leadership skills.  

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